Friday, 30 September 2011

Cosey Club

Cosey Club-One of my favourite nights in London- Cosey Club takes inspiration from the working methods and identity of Cosey Fanni Tutti. Richard Clouston has been running Cosey since 2002; regarded as one of London’s finest underground parties attracting a brilliant and loyal following for the exciting atmosphere and unique mix of Industrial, Leather Bar, Post Punk, New Beat and Electronic Body Music.
Moon at Cosey Club- Photo from

Friday, 23 September 2011

Hot Voodoo!

Screenshot of Moon + Josh Quinton from the Piers Atkinson Spring/ Summer '12 video 'Hot Voodoo',  shot by Zaiba Jabbar
Watch video on Vogue Italia!

Piers Atkinson Spring / Summer ‘12
‘Hot Voodoo’
Director: Zaiba Jabbar
Producer and Stylist: Kim HowellsMusic: Golden Haze by Wild NothingPhotography: Thomas Cooksey 
Set Design & Production: Alùn Davies Stylist Assistants: Daisy Newman, Reuben Esser and Marina de MagalhaesSet Design Assistants: Sarah Keeling, Iga Gawrońska, William Walsh & Megan PenfoldCast: Alexandra Moon-AgeAndrew LoganBethan WoodDudley at NEXTDuggie FieldsThe Fabulous RussellaFred ButlerJeremy at D1Jessica BroasJosh QuintonJulie VerhoevenMr Roy at ROY INC.Rosie BeardTsheca at Storm

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Some super inspiring arts....
Drawings by Casey Jex Smith
Photography by Vivian Sassen- awesome fashion photographer also
Paintings by Carly Waito

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Piers Atkinson Shoot at Zandra Rhodes Studio

Josh Quinton and Moon spent Tuesday at Zandra Rhodes' kitsch and colourful penthouse to take part in a photo shoot for milliner Piers Atkinson.  Unfortunately we didn't get to meet the eccentric designer but did get to check out Zandra's sweet pad filled with her candy coloured furniture and fashion creations. We are seen below admiring a chandelier made by Zandra-- everything was decorated with her trademark Z.... 
We took some more wonderful photos but cannot post them until the video and shots  are released for Fashion Week. 

 Zandra looking fierce in the 80's

Zandra Rhodes now.... 
Zandra + her home

Hats by Piers Atkinson.... 
Hats by