Monday, 28 September 2009

anto and CasiO

what an explosive duo... a match made in art/glam heaven
boyfriend and girlfriend, artists, sagittarius's,
colourful nightclub ring-masters!!
anto, O and moon-age co-founded avant-garde nightclub
'electric illusions', which they continue to run in sydney..
anto and o never fail to blow people away with their
fearless approach to self expression...

recently anto has transformed into a crocheting maniac-
knitting everything from jacobean inspired neck collars,
for her lable 'your majesty', to crazy, wearable monster heads..

moon-age commissioned anto to create a neck piece in tones of yellow (see above)...
to order a 'your majesty' ruffle email
you can choose your own colours n
it will cost about 35 quid/ $70 australian

Thursday, 24 September 2009

golden animals

met a few shiny folk last night incl. the desert dwelling kids from 'golden animals'
who are on tour from california... (see above n below)
we crammed into a van.. 'twas all bumpity bump and dark on the road..
bodies squished between music equipment..
one of the warehouses we ended up at looked as though alejandro jodorowsky
had been hired as an interior decorator..

'Ello there...

every man and his canine in london has a blog- reason being that it is a wikid, wonderful part of the globe- and after yet another week of inspiring and unexpected events i have decided it is about time that i start publicly documenting the golden things/ moments that come my way...
so here i will post piccywics n thoughts n images n links n music/ films/ texts that i would like to recommend to ye..

i love u