Monday, 28 September 2009

anto and CasiO

what an explosive duo... a match made in art/glam heaven
boyfriend and girlfriend, artists, sagittarius's,
colourful nightclub ring-masters!!
anto, O and moon-age co-founded avant-garde nightclub
'electric illusions', which they continue to run in sydney..
anto and o never fail to blow people away with their
fearless approach to self expression...

recently anto has transformed into a crocheting maniac-
knitting everything from jacobean inspired neck collars,
for her lable 'your majesty', to crazy, wearable monster heads..

moon-age commissioned anto to create a neck piece in tones of yellow (see above)...
to order a 'your majesty' ruffle email
you can choose your own colours n
it will cost about 35 quid/ $70 australian


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  2. nice writeup moonage! more photos collected here