Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Saw 'Cry Out' presented by the Theo Adams company last Sunday- It was its London début after showing in Japan and Austria. I was excited to finally see Theo do his thing after having read so much about his work, especially since I managed to scrape myself into the sold out show last minute when a friend offered me a spare ticket. 'Cry Out' was like a cross disciplinary, series of cabaret acts but more fucked up and art school... was interesting to see what someone so young could pull together (Theo is only 20 yrs old and self taught), with a cast who were selected as much for their personalities as their talent. The sound track, with a remix of Casta Diva and Diva by Beyoncé, was particularly delightful as well as the video work by Mathew Stone. 
Still from Cry Out
Theo in ID Magazine 2008

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