Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Colour Blocks n Rainbow Locks

The lack of appreciation for colour in 00's main-stream fashion has been a cause of some dismay for colour lovin' folk like myself, however as of Summer 2011 colour blocking is HUGE and now there are bright and bold bits and bobs going cheap in all the high st stores. I'm happy to see that this trend has leaked into Winter as well :)See examples of colour worship in fashion, hair styling and make-up below.... 
Below is a beautiful color blocking editorial from German Vogue’s October 2010 issue photographed by Sebastian Kim/ .
 and styled by Katie Mossmann.  Its my bad big time!!
60's colour blocking w. Peggy Moffitt... 

Russian Vogue June 2008
Shoot for Interview Magazine
All Fashion Photography by Miles Aldridge is eye popping/ delicious!!! 


 Crazy Cat Lady shoot by Miles Aldridge!

Kaleidoscope hair....
Colour Block Make-Up!- Vogue Paris March 2011

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