Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fantastic Planet

Styling: Moon-Age
Photography- Emmett Green
Art Direction: Emmett Green/ Moon-Age
Assistants: Joanna Heng/ Louie Banks
Models: Grace and Ella at Profile
Make-Up: Ella's make-up by Patryja Grimm, Grace's Make-up by Jen Pike
Hair: Ella's hair by Louie Bank, Grace's hair by Lucy Spary, 

The look of 'Fantastic Planet' is modern mish-mash glam- bold, bright, blocked colours and prints, the look is kitsch and layered.  As a post-production technique, some shots are layered with seperate abstract
shots of various materials (by the team), including macro (extreme close up) images and light patterns . In the completed images, the abstract shots are rendered unrecognisable, and blend with the model
shots to create striking images with emphasis on relationships of shape, colour and pattern. 
The name 'Fantastic Planet' is derived from the rainbow wonderland constructed in the shoot as well as the awe inspiring nature of abstract macro-lense images that reveal the complexity of the world in which we live.

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