Sunday, 20 November 2011

'Geriatric Starlet'- Iris Apfel

I totally love little old lady kookoo's so as a follow up on my Zandra Rhodes blog I shall introduce you to... Iris Apfel!!! 
Iris is a New York style icon known for her outrageous fashions, incredible jewelry and amazing glasses. 
She wears architectural clothes and has no interest in what she calls 'real jewellery'-Apfel’s wardrobe has just finished traveling the museum circuit in Newyork and at the age of 90 designing both a couture clothing line, and a line of costume jewelry. Apfel calls herself a 'geriatric starlet' and she likes to tell it like it is judging by the following quotes from a recent interview... on turning Lindsay Lohan down when the starlet asked Apfel to be her "fashion Guru", "I can't tell people how to have style. No amount of money can buy you style. It's just instinctive.You can't try to be somebody you're not; that's not style. If someone says, 'Buy this, you'll be stylish,' you won't be stylish because you won't be you. You have to learn who you are first and that's painful."... and on the dress of New York's public 'Now when I walk down Fifth Avenue in the summertime I just want to throw up. It seems that the fatter and uglier people are, the fewer clothes they wear. The shorts and flip-flops and tight jeans on butts that go from here to Poughkeepsie' LOL.
 her home is as colourful and eclectic as her wardrobe...

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