Sunday, 25 March 2012

Makin' Waves...

Ocean inspired bits o' fashion and art for Spring 12....
Dazed and Confused February 2012: 
The Girl From Atlantis- Vogue Nippon  May 2012
Alla Kostromicheva


Haiping Xai; 
Mary Katranzou SS12
Versace SS12: Pastel perfection-- WIsh I could own most of this collection...

Iris Van Herpen- a very crafty dutch designer....

Coral inspired Interior: Urban Interiorites, Tokyo

Urban Interiorities, a Project by University of Pennsylvania School of Design Professor Ali Rahim, Tiffany Dahlen and Virginia Melnyk, is a space created especially for the youths of Harajuku. 
The aim was to develop a “new approach to the night club experience” through novel modeling and rendering techniques, whereby generated surfaces—billowing, crenulated, orchid-like—exert intense visualizations of sensations.
Virginia Melnyk tells us "much of our inspiration came from the sensations of taste and our perception of a visualization of these sensations. It is our hope that this project will push boundaries and leave viewers with a wider imagination of what architecture and design can be.”
sake bar:

sushi bar, where the chairs literally look like giant tongues:
Anne Boyden Varnot
Sea inspired sculpture made from straws...


  1. Now my crab claws are thirsty an I wanna go back to Japan x

  2. I've never been- gagging to go...