Monday, 30 April 2012

Candy n Trash

Wow- Vogue Italia really can be pretty adventurous with their editorials... lovin' this glam-trash editorial-- gifs n all... 
Styling by John William: he's f*(&*( awesome!
 This shoot was taken in various locations in Dalston and along Ridley Rd.. a top place for cheap vegies, 2 pound curry, PAKS, trannies,  holy hairdressers, shanty shopping malls and voodoo...
Colour by Numbers:
 Billie Love:
 Valley of the Dolls
Inspired by Japanese Ganguro girls... 
I  love this shoot John styled for Pigeons and Peacocks because it features the sweet natured, highly talented knit-wear designer Matty Bovan wearing garb from House of Liza. 
Mimi Wade- Model and Fashion Designer
Roberto Picqueres - Fashion Designer
Alis Pelleschi- photographer/ film maker/ stylist / 'chip buttty lover'
Pamm Hogg- Fashion Designer
Meadham Nails:
Japan Vogue
Charlotte Free by Terry Richardson
Literal trash Couture...
More Candy n Trash...

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