Monday, 20 February 2012

Josephine Baker- totally banannas...

Josephine Baker  was a Parisian dancer and singer, the most famous American expatriate in France.
Throughout her life, Baker drew on her personal experiences to shape her performances. In turn, she transformed her everyday environments into stage sets where exciting dramas unfurled.
Overcoming the limitations imposed by her gender and the color of her skin, she became one of the world's most versatile entertainers, performing on stage, screen and recordings.
Josephine lived her life passionately, having four husbands and driving men to such passion that one killed himself at her feet. 
Josephine was unable to conceive but adopted orphans from every country she toured - she hoped to create a 'rainbow tribe' of all cultures, races and religions. When she died in 1975 twenty thousand people attended her funeral in Paris

check out her dancin'...

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