Friday, 3 February 2012

Moon Trips... Prangsta Costumiers

A  treasure cave/ giant dress up box founded by Central Saint Martin's grad Melanie Wilson and run by a team of young, talented and eccentric Londoners. On entering one is overwhelmed by an array of decadent period frocks, embellished hats, lovingly customised vintage pieces n blingin' jewels. According to manager, Holly Jade, the Prangsta team 'try to purchase as little material as possible so we go to a lot of vintage markets and also get a lot of materials donated to us. We take apart old costumes and old fabrics and then restore them and make them into our own Prangsta designs'.

Mel, Prangsta's brainchild, began by squatting in what is now the shop premises. 12 years in the running and the business has expanded well beyond your standard 'stume house with a 1500 square foot studio in Deptford, dress making classes and a regular string of events for local artists and bohemians such as such as  'Prangsta Presents...Freaky Fancy Finery at The Prangsta Dinery' incorporating entertainment, performance, live music & catering. 
 The Prangsta team also do the festival circuit in the summer, creating one mobile boudoir/ fantastical oasis after the other  at the likes of Bestival and Glastonbury. 
I wants it....
the following photos curtesy of the metro online

304 New Cross Road
SE14 6AF
0208 694 9869
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm by appointment, so call ahead first

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